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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I knitted a poncho

I am really happy with it. I love it so much, I'm going to knit another one - maybe in a dark brown or tweedy green. The poncho isn't blocked yet but the ends are sewn in. It is just two rectangles sewn together but I do love it.

I'm also doing a tension square for the Lady Kina. I'm already freaking out that it's too hard for me and I haven't started it yet. I'm not what you call a confident knitter.

In other news, look what arrived for me in the mail today:

I LOVE BEN AARONOVITCH! I read the first and second in the series - Rivers of London and Moon over Soho. They are cracking good reads. I've nearly finished Howards End then I'll start this one straight away after that.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

att. knitters! question time...

I'm going out for lunch soon but a quickie question: has anyone knitted this Lady Kina?

Is the pattern too hard for a not very experienced knitter ( like me?)

(Photos are via the Ravelry post about the knit, by Alexandra and Julie1912,
not my own photos,hope you don't mind me re-posting these, they are beautiful).

Monday, January 23, 2012

39 days until Autumn begins...

... and I'm planning new knitting projects. I have two things to finish off but I'm going to try making some of these little hearts in between because they are lovely.

I'm not going to knit a banner, but I'm musing on some individual hearts to jazz up the elbows of some of my holey jumpers and cardigans.

This free pattern is on this most interesting site.

Monday, January 9, 2012


Husband has returned to work today - kids and I are still on our Staycation. I find this Old Media expression pretty cringeworthy but it describes what we've been doing. My favourite New Media term is Humblebrag.

There is more and more humblebragging around ( lots on the Internets) and I think it's really funny: spotting it I mean. If / when I do it here you can snigger at me doing it.

Another slow day here - I have been sorting through my drawer in the little cupboard known here as The Honest Toiler ( explanation too long and boring as to why it's called this). We each have a drawer to stuff our bits of papers in - when you can't shut the drawer it's time for you to file/ sort/throw stuff out.

I am also knitting - photo when this mystery project is finished.

This last Staycation week has a few highlights - I become a year older, we're going out for dinner and I'm going to see David Sedaris.
There is also a picnic with a fluid date... this may be next week instead.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

the penultimate cookbook

At the end of last year I decided to challenge myself to make at least one new recipe out of each of the 35+ cookbooks that I own, tackling one cookbook per week. It has been a lot of fun and I've embraced some books even more, ditched others, and given some away, despite cooking from them.

I made a couple of things from Nigella (Lawson's) Christmas this past week
( I've moved the list of all the books and recipes to the bottom of the first blog page).

One was a mocktail - a ginger beer, lime cordial syrup and lime juice drink that was liked by everyone. The "spruced-up vanilla cake" (pictured) from the book I thought was too dense and stodgy but everyone else loved it. Horses for courses. To each her own. And so on.

Also, I did not make it in that very fancy cake tin, shaped like fir trees. Even though it looks beautiful I know from bitter experience how firmly cakes can stick to fancy tins, so just used a donut shaped one. (FYI, I researched and the tin is available from here.

I love this book by the way. I don't fetishise Christmas at all but I like making some seasonal sweet food - I can recommend the recipes for Yule log, Christmas morning muffins, rocky road, tiramisu layer cake and Christmas coleslaw ( not sweet, but red) that are in this book.

This coming week, I will tackle the salted caramel macarons from my last book.

Everyone else is out for the day, until dinner, and I have knitters and crocheters coming this afternoon for a stitchin' not bitchin' session. Am knitting a new peculiar thing, need to get on with it.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

contrary mary

Not liking ( at all) the horrible colour blocking fad in the new spring fashions. They might look nice on someone who is four years old, but not me, I feel. So I started knitting a little springy/summery project in beautiful washed out Beatrix Potter type shades.

I had to step away from the television, where I've wasted a lot of the afternoon watching my AFL team, Essendon, play football really badly. Currently they are losing by seventy points. Being Essendon, they may just come back and win by a point, as they often do, but I'm being a bad supporter and have given up on them today.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

yes, I knitted a black triangle.

It is finished, bar weaving in the ends.
I am immensely proud,of it, including its lumps and bumps.
I can't bear to wear it as it should be worn, tying it around the back and stretching it, so will wear it like a pashmina, artfully draped.

I'm not modelling it today as I am in my working clothes, which include black skirt, tights and lace up black brogues. I would look like a grey-haired Italian nonna.

Still feeling NQR. I think there must be a stomach bug going around.

I just want to lie on the couch with Sophie Cunningham's book, Melbourne, which I've started. It is absolutely wonderful. I recognise every single reference to places/Melbourne events/history. My friends or I lived in all those places. We are the same age. She went to Monash University, like me.

Just cried through her description of Black Saturday in 2009. No-one who was in Melbourne that day will ever forget it.

I am going to buy a few dinnery things, throw a casserole in the oven and keep reading. If you are a Melbournite BUY THIS BOOK!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

if you like chairs...

Otto Wagner chair, 1904, photo from NGV website

....go to the Vienna Exhibition at the NGV. Some lovely paintings and objets and that Egon Schiele who I don't know much about needs further investigation for sure - but there were so many beautiful chairs I couldn't keep up. Didn't buy the catalogue, but I would have liked one that was just chairs.

I wore a pink scarf and florally dress/smock from Pen's that stood out, because I think everyone in the building was wearing the Melbourne winter uniform (black).

Now before we go out tonight I am knitting, knitting, knitting.
Only a ball and a half to go and I have finished my Little Dorritish sontag.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

harry potter knitting patterns!

Although there isn't (yet) one for Neville's cardigan on the site.
Found this page and this knitting site via The Guardian newspaper which is my newspaper of choice now The Age has turned into rubbish.
Now if only I could waste the morning looking at this rather than going to work...

Sunday, July 3, 2011

this is my 600th post

Just saying.

Scarflette knitted by me.

Second hand buttons from Port Fairy "antique" shop.

Completely frozen from watching junior football a bit earlier. Son, who is normally in the backline was put in forward line, and kicked a goal. Tense.

Going back to my seat in front of the fire now. Stopped work on Wednesday and have just realised I am quite exhausted.

Tonight: Indian take-away and new episodes of Grand Designs. Yay.

Possibly post 601 will be more exciting than this. Doubtful.

Good thing we are going away for a week!

Monday, June 20, 2011

the gumbies and the guru

One of the first things I saw, and bought, at the market yesterday was this book:

I took it as A Sign.

The whole weekend was about knitting and crochet. Here you can see the others working away:

Poor V, is seen here actually managing to get at least five minutes of her own crocheted rug done, without being interrupted by one of us handing her our projects where we were constantly making mistakes and getting confused.

She has been knitting really complex things since she was a teenager, so is our guru of all projects woolly.

She taught me how to knit on circular needles and re-taught me how to increase.
I've got a vest cast on one set of needles and a Little Dorritish shawl/sontag on the circular ones.

I'm not very skilled yet, but I do enjoy knitting very much.
More market photos tomorrow.
There are cookbooks, believe it or not.

Monday, January 10, 2011

holiday op shopping - craft - hagrid's knitting

I think it's funny that everything I bought when I was away - bar one thing - was second hand.

1.The big cake tin was from the Mill Markets at the old Fletcher Jones factory at Warrnambool. I *had* to buy this as it was the family cake tin of my childhood, always crammed with Mum's iced fairy cakes, "economical biscuits" or whatever. My kids think the little child is a bit creepy.
I also loved the very tidy and municipal-type gardens surrounding the factory, including a rose garden with a pond and wishing well. I hope the FJs staff were allowed to sit on the grass eating their egg sandwiches and fruit cake for lunch, and admire them.
2. New Zealand wool from the Camperdown op-shop. I like the soft colours.
3. Op-shop stuff: four dollars for some quilting off-cuts, doilies and the dotty tablecloth.
4. Old buttons from an antique shop. For the button box.
5. Three books from the second handbook shop. Have read the Fitzgerald and Boyd decades ago, would like to re-read. The Gardam is one I haven't read before.
6.This was the only new thing - a cross stitch tapestry that looks like a paint-by-numbers project.
7. First time on a family holiday we brought a banjo and a sewing machine with us!
S made a skirt and fashioned a bathers top when she accidentally left hers at home.
8. Started making a summer sheety for each of the kids. This will take me about ten years, but since this generation seem to hang around at home forever I'll have plenty of time.
9.I'm experimenting with t-shirt yarn, knitted on huge needles. I made this ball too thick - it was like knitting with a fire hose on telegraph poles. I want to make some sturdy dish cloths to scrub grout. It looks like something Harry Potter's Hagrid would knit.
I also took some other wool and needles and messed about trying to work out moss stitch. The over or under of the yarn bamboozled me but I hope I've worked it out now.

I think that is all...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

last day of november

op-shopping in November:
- some holiday reading. The Passage was $2 - is this a sign?
- knitting patterns. My but people are glamorous in these 60s and 70s patterns. Like cigarette advertisements. The mohair skirt and sweater are my favourites
- a couple of cotton shirts. I like green in summer. Anytime, really.
- t-shirts. I have a plan for these. Later.

November has been a fast month, hasn't it?
Where did it go?
The month starting tomorrow begins with D, which means that C is approaching, although many Melbournians are behaving as if C is in about three days, which gives me the sh--s, to be honest. Husband reported that he drove past Chadstone yesterday and the car park was full, with people circling and road-raging. One of the work girls reported the same scenario at Shoppo yesterday. I mean, it is NOVEMBER for crying out loud. Immensely glad our present giving is restricted to the kids and pretty much done by now - oh thank you inventor of Internet shopping.
Will be trying not to leave the house very much for the next few weeks except to go to work, buy food and go to some Christmas functions.

I'll be in the garden or the kitchen or lying around reading and the kettle's always on if you're in the area!

Friday, November 19, 2010

the slippery slope

Oh dear.
look what came in the mail today from Bendigo Woollen mills.

Shade cards.

Question: when one has a knitting pattern that specifies a wool name rather than a ply, how does one work out which ply to use? (Patons Jet is the wool in the pattern).

Moving along, this morning I went to the quilt show I mentioned previously, and saw two pieces by this beautiful blogger.

This show is mis-named I think - to me the pieces are art, not "quilts" in the conventional sense (although there is quilting of fabric). The pieces are of extraordinary design, construction and beauty - there is a blogger who reads here who would adore this show.

My favourite name for a piece was " Madge I have made a quilt but it is really a wagga".

Madge was my grandmother's name, and Mum's too, although she was called her entire life by her middle name, Audrey.

Go and see this show if you like art/stitching/fabric.
The gallery space hours are a bit odd so check before you go.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

slow motion

Royal show, complicated knitting, 2010

'Anyway' said the friend 'she rang up and told me he's gone off with some child, a girl of eighteen. So I said to her "Get some interesting knitting. Something with a complicated pattern. And stay home and just sit it out". And that's what she did'.

- Helen Garner "The children's Bach", 1984

Test results now not in until tomorrow. Sigh. I have a long list of chores in and out of the house which will keep me busy. Finished knitting the tea cosy this morning because I have been awake since 5.45 a.m. So if my driving takes me past Lincraft I'm going in to look at knitting patterns.

Thursday, September 30, 2010


The last two op-shop purchases for the month were the pink cotton scarf/pashmina (pictured) and the little yellow owl. I'm not an ornament collector but liked this and thought my son would like it for his room - he did. What was slightly unusual was this op-shop had about thirty different owl-type ornaments, as if someone had given away their entire collection. A couple of days later in a different shop there was a PIG collection. Is everyone spring cleaning at the moment? Or moving house, possibly. Other purchases for the month here, here and here

I've filled another couple of bags for charity - daughters and my own clothes and balls of synthetic yarn hanging around in her room: she doesn't like the colours.
Sheety, repaired at Sewjourn, is now sewn back up and ready for summer. Finishing the tea cosy (pictured) will be this month's project. Then a Christmas wall-hanging in November and a cushion in December.

I've read a few books from the back-log and have started another today. It feels good.

Managed to give lots of things in the front garden a haircut this afternoon so it's looking less bedraggled. The pond needs major duck weed removal over the weekend. Photos when the tidy up is finished.

Tomorrow: roll on October.


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