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Saturday, October 6, 2012


I have been quietly despairing about my health this last little while, but I had my oldest girlfriends over for lunch today and they have given me some food for thought and different avenues to investigate so I am feeling a little more hopeful tonight. Thank you my beautiful friends.

Speaking of beautiful people I visited the Cottage yesterday and came away laden with goodies including one of Miss Pen Pen's famous ginger fluff sponge cakes. Oh my goodness this cake is to die for - if the Ginger Fluff  Tearoom ever opens up next to the Cottage people will be lining up like it's the Hopetoun Tearooms (over rated, in my opinion:except the wallpaper). There is only a teeny wodge left of this cake. Thank you lovely Pen.

When I add up the beautiful people in my life who are so good to me, and I'm also thinking of the night out with some of my family on Thursday night seeing the MSO, I  feel full of gratitude for everything and everybody.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

drives me crazy

I never thought I'd turn into a hypochondriac like my Dad, but I do now catastrophise about every single thing that goes wrong with my body, convinced it's a sign my diseased kidneys are about to blow up. Something was weird this morning so I ended up with no less than TWO doctor's appointments, which has killed the morning and I am peeved.

Just as well I have something to look forward to tonight. My sister and three of her grown-up kids bought tickets for this - now one can't go so I'm going in her place. We're going out for dinner and then to the MSO and movie. I feel like having about forty drinks ( and me a near non-drinker).

By the way - I'm not dead yet, but while I was there the doctor did give me a prescription for my 100 day cough and ordered pneumonia and whooping cough injections for me. Far out, brussel sprout.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

where I went, where I'm going

John Adam and Harriet Dyer, photo from ABC website

 My friend V bought tickets to the Bell Shakespeare production of  Moliere's School for wives months ago, and we went last night. Loved it!

It was first performed in 1662, so -  forty odd years after the death of Will Shakespeare.
This was a contemporary (ish) interpretation, set in Paris in the 1920s. It's the first time I've seen this theatre company perform and can't wait to see what they're doing next year. I hope there will be a Shakesperian comedy. I remember seeing Hugo Weaving and  - was it Bruce Spence? - in The taming of the shrew about 20 years ago. Also - now I'm boasting - Alan Rickman in this. I love the comedies.

Now I've got to put my smiling face on and go and see my specialist.
Have allocated some cash to go and buy myself a treat afterwards because I like him but hate having to go and see him twice a year.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

random photos from today

The fairly ordinary ( not in a good way) week chez nous took yet another turn when I ended up at the after hours doctor's surgery at nine o'clock last night  because I was having a bad reaction to some new medication I'm taking. Once we established that I wasn't having a heart attack I was driven home and had cups of tea and David Tennant episodes of Doctor Who administered as required. Sigh.

Today's plan to go look at some art and have a walk around the gardens at Heide have been scuppered due to the weather: tomorrow hopefully if the rain goes away we'll do it. Still, it's been a pleasant day. Someone unexpectedly dropped around and ended up playing guitar in front of the fire with a cup of tea. I've made an old family biscuit recipe. Meatballs and pasta for dinner ( Nigella recipe).  I'm reading another exciting book!..... the excitement never ends.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

at the specialist's today:

15 minute appointment.

14 minutes on: holidays ( both of us, his was more exciting), le Tour, French scenery as seen on le Tour, teenagers (big discussion) and bringing their partners on holiday (we agreed: yes), his new kitty, my old kitty, slagging off the legal profession (him), one of my old jobs (relevant to slagging session), his health (much better), the movie I saw last night.

1 minute on: my test results - best he's seen from me in the four ? five? years I've been his patient. Apparently I am in the responder group for treatment, as opposed to the non-responder group where no-one wants to be.

Mutual glee from both of us.

He told me to have a good Christmas (!) and to make a February appointment.

Feel so lucky. It's a beautiful day.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


So I've been for walk, had a visit to the Mean (dental) Hygienist, started making a pumpkin pie for tonight's dinner, put on a load of washing. I've also got through a fairly demanding few days at work which gave me a stressed back but that seems to be passing. A wheatbag purchased from Ms Durston's shop last year has been in and out of the microwave with regularity.

That last little post with the picture of the foil container made no sense whatever, except to me. The contents you can see in the bottom photo. It was Apricot Slice, a gift from a lady I visited on Tuesday. Only about a quarter of my job has me in the actual library, adjusting my bun and shooshing people. The rest of the time I am out the back being a manager of volunteers and going out periodically seeing My Clients. Being deliberately vague about my role here, for reasons of privacy, but I do love getting out and having a chat or liaising with others in the sector and instead of a tea break, dropping in on the occasional op-shop when to-ing and fro-ing.

What else? A man stomped about on the roof at seven a.m. and adjusted some tiles and some "flashing" (?) around one of the chimneys. Hopefully this means no more leaks.

The telecommunications ombudsman has been alerted as to our on-going saga. Meanwhile I'm wondering if anyone can tell me that Optus is a better provider, because I am sorely tempted to change.

Reading Maisie Dobbs number 4... quite liking it - the dialogue is.... wooden? a bit... and it is sombre but I am intrigued anyway. Also reading Carol Shield's short biography of Jane Austen. Loving this so much, so much I didn't know about her life.

Now for some avocado on toast, yogurt and a cup of tea on the back verandah. My mouth feels a bit... violated. Hopefully the bad bits of the week, please someone, are over.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Great waves of relief rolling over me after returning from the specialist.
He's happy with me but one thing is persistently Not Right - so I have to increase my fish oil intake from 4,000 to 8,000 mg per day.
Sorry in advance to all the fish who are going to have to go into a pill because I need to keep well.


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