Monday, March 17, 2014

weekend whirlwind

Many weekends I spend just pottering about: not the one just gone.

One Saturday I had a long lunch at a girlfriend's house, came home in time for dinner and then B and I watched La dolce vita (1960) after about a 20 year gap: I couldn't remember any of it except the scene with Anita Ekberg jumping around in the Trevi Fountain ( most people think this is the whole movie - it's only one sequence out of about seven) and the sequence where the paparazzo engulf a village because two children report they have seen the Virgin Mary. While I was watching I was thinking nothing really has changed in terms of the media and the obsession to be the first with the story and the celebrity worship. It is a fabulous movie and a great companion piece to The great beauty, (2013) which was ( partly) inspired by it.

Yesterday we went to the Ian Potter museum to see The Piranesi Effect show, and then down to the State Library to look at the collection of Piranesi drawings, which are beautiful and gobsmacking. If you are into intricate etchings and prints of Roman buildings done in the eighteenth century you will adore this show. I also loved how buzzy and vibrant the Library was - being middle-aged I remember Melbourne on a Sunday used to resemble a graveyard - not any more.

The Pantheon! my favourite building in Rome.

Also at Ian Potter was a most fascinating exhibit of archaelogical dig finds belonging to Melbourne University, dating from the Bronze and Iron Ages. The antiquity of these objects makes my head nearly explode. There was a big display of JUGLETS, a word I hadn't heard before: a juglet in this case was a little clay jug about the size of a perfume bottle, used to hold oil or yes, perfume.

Juglet excavated in Jericho, dated 1500-1700 BC, thank you Ian Potter Museum website for the photo

I am jumping all over the place here but we parked up the end of Swanston Street opposite Newman College and walked down town. The amazing Burley Griffin spire is being restored. ( I only learned yesterday it is a BG spire - now of course it seems obvious). It also looks like a rocket ship about to take off.

And what  about this darling little slice of a house we walked past? Right opposite the university.
I could live there easily, unlike most other place in the city: because look at that gigantic garden!

I'm always imagining myself living in other people's houses ( doesn't everybody?)

 The day ended with spagetti and meatballs made by me and then a lovely walk at nightfall with my Tuesday walking companion - it got very chilly and dark and I am really glad summer is over.


  1. Wow, busy, busy, busy. And yes, I too love that house (and its garden). I could find a home for juglets too.

  2. I'm loving that Summer seems to have moved out and I can enjoy the outdoors life once again!
    Recently a wonderful old house has come onto the market in my hometown, this is THE house I have dreamed of living in for more than half a century (yep, since childhood). While I have no wish to live in the town, I'd really love to look inside that house!

  3. I definitely imagine living in other people's houses. Apparently only really gorgeous houses will do for me.

  4. The little yellow house is a sweetie - I always wonder what the house is like inside, and how do they have room for stairs?

  5. A n elderly lady lives in that house. I used to see her gardening when i was parking and going to lectures. And, one of my subjects was an archaeology unit (most were straight classics subjects) and we got to go to the back rooms of the Potter, don the white gloves and HOLD THE THREE THOUSAND YEAR OLD JUGS. My head nearly exploded.

    1. I bet a heap of nasty rich yuppies letterbox that lady weekly and offer her loads of money for that house. I would if I were rich. Holding a juglet! Lucky!


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