Monday, March 24, 2014


 I intended to write a blog post when I returned home from work this afternoon but I was having one of my episodes of exhaustion when all I want to do is crawl into bed. I haven't had many of these  lately, but when I do I am always secretly wondering if this is to do with my degenerative kidney disease ( diagnosed in 2005) and whether it's significant. Is it normal for a 51 year old woman to want and need to sleep for an hour in the afternoon? Not every afternoon, but occasionally...
I didn't do anything outrageous over the weekend, in fact I barely left the house, but I did a number of things. Here are some of them:

Listened to the football and my new CD
Many, many loads  of washing
a little cleaning ( one bathroom, anyway)
Paid the bills
Took a boot load of things to the op shop
Patted the kitty 
Enjoy the first fire of Autumn
Went for an hour long evening walk

I also wonder if it's just the change of seasons, and after the torrid time we've had with our daughter's health, that now she's nearly back to normal I'm dropping my bundle a little. The process of getting her well is taking MONTHS due to a nasty post operative infection. She is really cheerful about it all but has deferred study until July because the doctor was stern about her doing too much and possibly developing a secondary illness due to her weakened immune system. We are having a little family beach holiday in a couple of weeks and are all looking forward to lying around in a holiday house near the beach, reading and sleeping and fishing and knitting.

Anyway, here are some random photos I've been posting over on Instagram so I thought I would share them here, too.

The Jerusalem artichoke flowers I see from the kitchen window

175cm son used to show how tall they are!

last night's dinner, chicken pie

I have been dividing lamb's ears and planting borders

Saturday night, first fire of Autumn

the soundtrack for The Great Beauty, it is mesmerising

burnt leaves now changing colour


  1. Combination fatigue? Spending months walking the tight-rope of concern for someone else IS exhausting. And debilitating. And soul-sucking. And, at a guess, your own health was a very much lesser priority. (And nice to hear that someone else has those MUST fall into bed moments.)
    The garden looks lovely. I have just bought far too many spring bulbs again and need to do some serious work. While continuing to worry. Sigh. (Sorry about the long comment - feel free to delete.)

    1. Yes I'm hoping it's just a result of the stress of the last few months finally biting me....

  2. Never, ever feel guilty about having an afternoon nap. If you need to sleep, do it. I'm a chronic afternoon napper, and I love it! Means you have more energy for enjoying the evening.

    1. Yes I'd rather nap for an hour unlike my mother who would fall asleep in her chair at about 8.30 p.m and she was about my age now when she started doing that!

  3. I think it's pretty normal to need a daytime nap now and then. It's also pretty normal to start to crash a bit now that the critical time of your daughter's illness is passing. I am doing a lot of it myself at the moment. I think it's the effect of periods of heightened stress and the resulting adrenaline. Afterwards you're just plain exhausted. Take five and take care xx

  4. (sorry if this is a repeat, blogger ate 1st one)
    The flowers are of sunflower-esque proportions - as is your son, he is growing tall.
    I fully endorse the occasional afternoon nap, and this means you should too.
    cheers Wendy

  5. Sounds like post-trauma tiredness to me. (says Doctor Stomper) Did you make that chicken pie? Looks delish. I've never tried my hand at a savoury pie.

    1. I did make the pie: easy, easy . Just use sheets of store puff pastry and make a chicken casserole type filling, plus I put about 7 sorts of vegies in so it was a real one dish dinner, no sides.


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