Wednesday, March 12, 2014


You might recall we filled in the stinky old fish pond in the front garden: it was surrounded by loads of  big stones... really, small boulders. Husband asked where I wanted them: I didn't really care, preferably out of sight behind the shed, but he instead placed them - sometimes in groups - sometimes singly - in different parts of the garden. There are in beds, behinds trees, in all sorts of places. They are kind of surprising and I really like them. My favourite is this one in front of the
 ( unpruned) hydrangeas. It looks like a giant dropped it there. There is something a bit Stonehenge-ish or Easter Island-ish about it. Some of the rocks will eventually be covered by plants but this one at the moment looks like a creature of some sort. A Nargun.

The old pond site has been left partially bare because we want to put a table and a couple of outside chairs there. B is going to make a table from a couple of pallets he picked up - but I can't find any suitable chairs. They have to be weather resistant, have arms and not be too low. Not plastic, and not cheap wood that will rot over Melbourne's winter. Not iron that will rust. Nothing with cushions. So I suppose I want really sturdy wood which will weather nicely over time. If you know of such a chair let me know.

The rest of the pond area has been planted with a whole heap of herbs. A new herb garden, in fact. I use herbs every day in my cooking and I love growing them. They take up too much room in the vegie garden so I am giving them a whirl out the front. I've planted: oregano, thyme, tarragon, chives ( x 2), parsley (x 3), sage, marjoram and possibly other things I can't remember right now. There is a very straggly rosemary hedge out the back under the passionfruit vine, but I may still plant another one in the front. Oh, and there are about five small lavender bushes out the front as well.

Now it is my "Friday night": no more work again until next Monday. I am really tired after a couple of days filled with irritable things and am looking forward to a clean new day tomorrow. Now some garden photos for the garden diary part of this blog...

a two dollar variegated pelargonium from an op-shop!

sedum spectabile, so delicate and pretty

three different colours and foliage

sedum "Autumn joy"

various small herbs and brown mulch

Delbard Free France rose

Lillian Austin

Black caviar


  1. Pretty roses - looks like you've had some rain there?

    1. Finally a little rain, not much, but it's a start.

  2. Love the Nargun. And the book. Another I reread at intervals.

    1. Long long time since I read The Nargun and the stars but I still remember it.


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