Thursday, March 20, 2014

In which I turn into a Ragpicker

I've bought clothes in op-shops for years: but only clothes that needed no alterations: they had to be completely ready-to-wear, after a good hot wash.

 Doing this Upcycling class at Spotty with S has made me look at clothes in a new way, as items with potential to cut up, put together in new ways, add bits, subtract others, change the hemline, alter the sleeve length and so on. So much more potential!  Now instead of wearable now garments I look for interesting or beautiful prints, things that have have potential for transformation. I'm learning to look at things in a new way, to cut a dress in half, and attach the skirt part to a top I already own....

Green lace!

lawn cuffs and some embroidery on my cult member dress

fabric remnants, $2 per bundle

a couple of aprons, for use in future projects

3 shirts, wrong size, lovely prints
Possibilities are limitless and this is filling a creative need in me that straight dressmaking never really satisfied. I have started building a little stash of garments for experimentation. I've nearly finished my ex-cult member linen tunic dress, now with assymmetrical hem, Liberty lawn cuffs  and some Sashiko type embroidery.  We went to Heidelberg this morning to scope out a cheap fabric shop and came back with some really interesting trims and lace. I've started trimming an old stretchy velvet top I've been wearing for years. We'll be signing up for the same class next term and continuing on with it. Fun times.

( I am participating in a year of ethical fashion)


  1. Oooh. Looking good, and I will be very interested to see future reveals.

  2. Fabulous opshop scores! Refashioning is such a freedom I think.

  3. Sounds like so much fun!

  4. That is so cool! But - your ex-cult member dress???

    1. Joking! It was just a plain black knee length linen tunic, a bit "children of the corn" in appearance, made me look as if I'd escaped from a sect!


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