Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday books: looking at pictures

Just noting that I'm reading the same three books as I was last week....


I have been looking at pictures in a few different books also: the Women's Weekly 75th anniversary book was only a couple of dollars, I'll probably pass it on/back but there are some great old covers in it. The Julius Caesar is a good second hand addition to my growing collection of books  about Rome and the Romans; the Burley Griffin book is from is from my own shelves - I was reading about Newman Chapel which we strolled past last week. The book about clothes reconstruction I actually bought new for a change.

Have a lovely weekend, hooray for Friday night!


  1. the titles of those 'dummies' books always make me laugh. I've seen some good ones - including Childbirth for Dummies - what?!

    1. Yes, I think there's one called Alzheimers for Dummies, which I feel is very insulting. Bad enough to have Alzheimers, worse to be called a dummy.

  2. Love those vintage W.W. covers, especially the second one which I am sure my Mum styled her kitchen from in 1955!


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