Monday, February 11, 2013

here, lately....

The weeks are going too fast already: in four weeks I start my long service leave. Although we'll only be overseas for just over three weeks I'll be away from work for seven. This feels very strange....
I am feeling a bit disjointed lately.

 Some photos, anyway:

my friend went to Finland: look at my little gift!
new laundry bench top: will be installed after painting...
don't know if these are chillies or capsicums
our worst tomato crop EVER. Few, small and late
the grass is all dead. hate the dry summer
brown and dry
Went to see the Lincoln film: it was amazing. I need to know more about him .
Flat Shady


  1. What IS going on with those blooming tomatoes this year?

    Think even the self employed should schedule LSL. Can't believe I didn't think of that one sooner.

    1. oh for sure T, at home mummas should too - everyone needs a reward for 10 years of ANY work...

  2. I have my best ever crop of tomatoes, you probably should have planed them at a random time then mostly neglected them: worked for us! I am looking forward to your overseas trip, I get all my touristy cravings filled via blog friends.

  3. how exciting! do you have time for coffee before you leave??

    1. That would be nice!
      E me your available Thursdays or Fridays We 'll see if we can get a time x


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