Wednesday, January 23, 2013

vego WEDNESDAY: ugly

As predicted, now I'm back at work, I didn't mange to get the vego dinner post done yesterday, so I am going to post my meatless meals on Wednesdays from now on.

The above dinner was downright ugly - I know I am no food stylist or photographer, but it really didn't look good. Husband walked in from work as it was coming out of the oven and thought it was baked marshmallows.

Appearances are deceiving: it was very delicious and no meaty side was provided! no one complained!

This was my version of a recipe in Nigella's latest book, Nigellisima. Basically, it's fresh gnocchi cooked, drained, and then cooked and browned in a very fancy cheese sauce ( hers has marscarpone in it). I just made the simple cheese sauce I make for cauliflower cheese, heavy on the parmesan  and with a pinch of mustard powder. I mixed the cooked gnocchi with the sauce, blitzed a couple of slices of bread in the food processor to make crumbs, and then scattered them and some more grated cheese over and browned it all in the oven for about twenty five minutes. So it's really just a macaroni cheese dish made with gnocchi, not pasta. Everyone LOVED it. I cooked another recipe from the same book to go with it:

This was cherry tomatoes, oregano and olive oil baked for about half an hour, then a pureed " sauce" of basil leaves, olive oil and a little vinegar dotted over the top, plus some buffalo mozzarella. Terrible photo. Also delicious.


  1. I thought it was marshmallows too and that you were going the way of the Heston..... savoury marshmallows....
    Suggestion for dinner- pea and haloumi fritters, got my recipe around here somewhere. Tip- brown in pan until they firm up and then finish off in the oven... easy-peasy (ha). Or you can make it with a zucchini glut, sometimes I think the zucchini ones are yummier. Use good quality haloumi, not that weird yellow Australian version, makes a huge difference. And they are yummo cold.

  2. Yum - looks can be deceiving.
    I think the tomato dish looks fab.
    cheers Wendy


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