Tuesday, January 15, 2013

vego tuesday: carrot, zucchini and pesto quiche

The latest vego meal I made was the carrot and zucchini quiche ( uncooked) you can see above.
The cooked quiche made for  a very boring photo  - just a browny yellow custardy thing - so I put this photo up instead. I was looking to use up a zucchini one of the neighbours had given us ( owner of the garden marauding chicken) so just googled "zucchini quiche" recipes. It was really good.

For the meat lovers I made a second quiche - easy as I had made my own pastry and there is always too much for just one pie so I rolled it thinner and did artful pastry patching. My mother used to make something called "Hamburger quiche" - I couldn't find a recipe which seemed likely so I sort of made it up from memory. I had about 300g of minced beef hanging around so I cooked that with half an onion in some oil and stirred in about 3 tablespoons of tomato paste and lots of ground black pepper. I let that cool and then spread it over the base over the second quiche shell, put half a cup of grated cheese over it and then put the eggs and cream mixture over the top.

I didn't eat any of it but it was wildly popular, even with my not-a-fan-of-meat daughter. She said it was more like a bolognaise quiche. Everyone asked for this one to be made again - they all had a taste of the vego quiche too, so everyone was happy.

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  1. Grandmas hamburger quiche was my favourite! Mum could never make it quite the same though (sorry mum!) Grandma must of put a secret ingredient in there!

    C xoxo


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