Wednesday, January 16, 2013

two down, one to go

I'm due back at work next Monday, after what feels like a ridiculously long time away from it.
I've been in for only two and a half days during the last four weeks.

 I'm very relaxed and apart from movies and reading and art galleries and seeing people I've achieved some huge clean outs in two out of the three messiest rooms in the house - the spare room/computer room; daughter's bedroom, and now I'm taking on son's bedroom.

My method for all 3 rooms has worked really well: empty the contents of the room ( except the big items like bed, wardrobe and bookshelf) and put it all on the floor in the hallway or the convenient room outside the kid's rooms. This means clothes, books and the 5 million other bits and pieces that they have stashed in there. I mainly leave them and their rooms alone year in year out - I don't go in to their spaces much and they are both messy hoarders so it's better that I don't, but it's been a couple of years since the last clean out so it's time. Daughter ended up filling the boot of my car with 14 or so bags for charity. I've just started on J's room, emptying his wardrobe ( full of everything but clothes) and the top of his desk. I've already filled one big bag. The idea is that they handle everything before a decision is made to hang on to it. The decision is up to them. Once I've got piles of the "keepers" we decide how and in what they're going to be stored. J has lots of little treasured collections of memorabilia which is fine, but some can go into boxes into his wardrobe for a bit of a rest, leaving room for the newer favourites ( see the little fellas above:Christmas presents). I'll do a little more tonight and tomorrow, hopefully finishing by Friday. We're going to the movies to escape the heat tomorrow : another feral 39 degree temperature day. Ergh.


  1. That is a brilliant idea for cleaning collectors' areas. Thank you.

  2. I've had a very similar summer break. Huge cleanout of the study and all three boys bedrooms, three art gallery expeditions, a couple of movies, several trips to Ikea, one beach and a whole lot of reading and lazing. Oh also some jam and soap making.

    1. I have just LOVED this break . I love my home and holidaying in it.
      No Ikea ( scares me), frozen blackberries waiting in freezer, a beach trip will be Sunday. Then back to work....

  3. you have inspired me! this week I tackle the linen press - a go awful task. 5 deep shelves of chaos!


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