Monday, January 21, 2013


I've started pinning and stitching my doily tablecloth: having fun playing around and seeing how things go together, or not. I've started with six doilies, and will just let it grow in any direction for the time being. The hand sewing is very relaxing. Quiet and slow.

The lovely and generous Kylie sent me some lovely additions for it, from her own collection. Very beautiful things including an amazing pillow sham:

* * *

Apropos of nothing,  my cleaning out of the house somehow extended to my Pinterest boards!

I've stopped following so many people and have just kept 18 or so: I was doing too much looking at other peoples pins and not enough "doing" myself. Please feel free to delete me back if you're downsizing in that area....
I am patently terrible at social media except blogging. How does everyone have the time to keep up with so many platforms?

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  1. I love doily table cloths. Yours will look stunning i'm sure.
    Lovely Kylie- she is such a thoughtful gifter.


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