Friday, January 18, 2013

friday book review and Hitchcock

I'm still reading Under Wildwood, the sequel to Wildwood by Colin Melloy and Carson Ellis.
It's a LOT darker than the first book, very Lemony Snicketish in one part of the narrative which I'm not too keen on. I'm about half way through, and there are story threads and characters a-plenty so I'm hoping the story becomes a bit more seamless as it goes on...

Big movie week here this week. I wanted to see Hitchcock, the new film about the making of Psycho. If you've been reading here for a while you may remember me writing about my fondness for many of the director's old films. The kids wanted to come with me, but I wanted them to watch the original 1960 film first, otherwise I thought it would be a bit of a mystery to them. We all watched Psycho one night and The Birds the night before. It was pretty funny looking sideways to watch their reactions. ( I can hardly watch a few scenes in both movies and have to hide my eyes). Anyway, the kids liked both and so then REALLY enjoyed seeing Hitchcock ( yesterday) which tells the story of the making of Psycho and the battles the director went through to get it onto the screen and past the strict censors  of the time ( showing a toilet flushing! outrageous!) I really loved all the performances: always good to see Toni Collette popping  up in another great little role as Hitchcock's secretary.

The other joy of this film was the gorgeously styled interiors and wardrobes - retro kitchens and bedrooms and beautiful knitwear and little suits on the women. Lovely. Looking for images of the Hitchcocks' on-screen kitchen I discovered a blog called Retro Renovation, which has a story about it and images for me to check out. I've also added this blog to my sidebar so I can explore further: looks fun.

And now my birthday present has just been delivered and I'm going to rip the plastic off it and lie on it. I am VERY spoiled.


  1. Love Hitchcock flicks too. Totally sucked in by the fashions and gorgeous interiors (just as I am by old James Bond films. Ahem. Check the Elrod House in Diamonds are Forever for further proof)
    North By Northwest was on the telly last weekend. The Vandamm House! Wowee!
    Anyway, it was interesting to read your'review' because Hitchcock is on my to do (very soon) list.

    Glad you liked the doilies x

  2. And your birthday present was? It could have been anything from a yoga mat, to a lilo to a new couch... Please put me out of my curious misery.

    1. A couch! It's bewdiful!!!!! And not broken!


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