Sunday, January 6, 2013

doily tablecloth

I've been collecting embroidered doilies, on and off, not very seriously, for years. If I see a lovely one and it's $2 or less, I buy it. They are just stuffed in the the big suitcase where all my bits of patchwork fabric are stashed. My favourites are two kookaburra doilies I picked out of a rag bin in a Byron Bay op-shop years ago.

I borrowed this book Granny chic, by Tiff Fussel and Rachelle Blondel, from work last year and they have a lovely doily-tablecloth project in it - doilies stitched together by hand. I'm going to make mine overlap and sew with white or cream embroidery thread. Might experiment with different stitches.

I've been having fun laying them all out on the bed and endlessly re-arranging them to a pleasing pattern - much to husband's bemusement. I like the idea of just starting with what I've got, making what will be a small centrepiece size cloth and then adding to it over the years while still using it. Like a crazy doily patchwork.

They all need to be washed and ironed and there are some on darker linen that will be going back to a charity shop for someone else to buy.

I will post some progress pictures here as it grows.

Nothing else very exciting today -  we had gelato at the Gelo bar in Brunswick and I'm about to make a peach and apricot crumble and then peach ice-cream tomorrow.


  1. I love old doilies too (especially those with an Australian motif) but it's a rare doily that gets to grace a table etc here. I'm not a big fan of them dotted around with a vase etc plonked on top (like my Nan was) A doily tablecloth though, sounds lovely.
    Anyway, we are having a mega sort out at the mo (five trips to the oppy yesterday alone!) and I was wondering would you like some of mine to add to your tablecloth? I'm happy to post, and I'll only send the light ones.

    1. Kylie ... Would love some - thank you! I'll send you an email tomorrow with my address x


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