Saturday, January 19, 2013

cranky post

Very cranky because I've been tackling paperwork all afternoon -  going through an archive box where I shove papers rather than file them properly: bills, cards, notices, catalogues, old stamps, receipts. It's a frigging nightmare box, actually. A good thing is that I won't have to do it again for six months. Also another good thing: in all this cleaning up I've found about $1000 ( I'm not exaggerating) worth of paid medical accounts that I can now claim through Medicare. I'm about half-way done and want to pack it in but will give it another hour or two after dinner. S and her boyfriend are going to make sausage rolls and I'll do a noodle soup.

Here's a photo of my only sunflower ( so far): the garden looks absolutely TERRIBLE ( dry, burned) so no other pictures today.


  1. Don't forget to look at your medical expenses for tax purposes

  2. I think they've changed the threshold for claiming.... You need $2000 in bills minimum.... The bloke who does my tax will go through everything with a fine tooth comb though!


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