Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tuesday night is Walk Night...

even when it's a public holiday and my walk buddy is otherwise engaged.

I suggested to my little family we have fish and chips at the beach last night and then a healthy walk afterwards. Yes and yes. Somehow in the last six months the young ones have lost their fear of being Seen with us so we had a jolly time.


  1. I love sea polished glass

  2. Love the polished glass too. Looks like you had a nice time.
    We still have to conquer the fear factor. Sometimes are worse than others obviously. Parents optional outside the home at times. oh well.
    cheers Wendy

  3. I also love sea polished glass, and that final photo is a gem.

  4. walking buddy who - sadly - was otherwise engagedNovember 07, 2012

    Looks like a great night !

  5. I love looking for sea glass anytime we are at the beach, it is just so pretty.

  6. Gosh - all that sea glass! I never seem to find that much. Which beach were you at?

  7. Parkdale ,yes we were amazed too!

  8. Great, thanks - I might go down there this weekend and have a look!


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