Thursday, November 29, 2012

sad and sorry op-shop update

November has been so busy my op-shop visiting has been minimal, which is pretty unusual.
All I have to show for the month is some nice little retro looking gift tags which were a dollar.
Love the fonts. The only other purchases ( I think, it's all a blur) were a copy of Salem's lot  : fun reading for my daughter and a big green cotton t-shirt for some more dishcloth knitting. Another four dollars:again I can't remember.

Today is going to be very hot, 38 degrees. I had my first cup of tea for the day - and there are many- on the verandah.

Here are my summer slippers - thongs ( flip-flops for overseas readers).

I started writing a long list of chores but got bored and am writing this blog post instead.
Really, all that's essential is to tidy up the house a bit because we have a brunch here on Saturday and people for dinner on Sunday. Everyone is bringing food so it's a shared thing for both events.
Buying/making my contributions to the meals is on the chores list. I am assembling a very fancy dessert/cake from Nigella Lawson's new Italian cookbook which involves mascarpone, panettone and candied chestnuts. Not going to have a melt down over the last one - if I can't find them I'll leave them out.

I've bought my first bunch of Christmas lilies - they last a long time and make the house smell summery and festive.

The house is closed up to keep the heat out - blinds up only a little for light. I try not to turn the air conditioning on until it's up to about 28 degrees in the living area, normally about 4 p.m.
The other states love to trash Melbourne weather but I love it - hot today and it will be cold and rainy again by next week. Unpredictable and never boring.


  1. Yep, I love that about Melbourne too - hot one day, raining the next. The further north you go, it's too same-same :)

  2. We are considerably warmer than I like here too. How I envy your certainty that cold weather will return. April is too far for me to believe in just now. Love the gift tags.

  3. They're jandals in NZ. I think it may have been a tradename years ago, but it sounds Hindi, too.


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