Tuesday, November 6, 2012

postcards from Melbourne Cup day - very random

kitchen bench, 11.30 a.m.
Yellow rose, official Cup Day flower
picking lettuce every day. Lunch: cranberry, lettuce and turkey roll
my pride and joy
blurry photo of a new mug
first Mr Lincoln rose
some fruit trees now have hairnets
green and growing
first passionfruit
Going to the beach tonight for fish and chips. Wish you were here.


  1. Aren't passion fruit flowers the most amazing things. And I am jealous of your fox gloves. Big time.

  2. Your garden is looking so lush LG. It doesn't seem too long ago that you did all that work after the tree came down. Looks like the new garden setup is working. Lovely roses too. cheers Wendy

  3. gorgeous foxgloves and even more gorgeous Portmierion mug! BBQ here for cup day, went well... no camera, so no blog. :(


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