Saturday, November 3, 2012

party train

We caught the train into town for our Smart Lunch today: I'd not really registered it was Derby Day and the train was full of beautifully dressed excited race goers. I couldn't discreetly photograph all the lovely hats and frocks - S did a quick shot of a couple opposite us. There was also a lady hobbling uncomfortably at the station when we got on the train .... she couldn't walk properly at 11.00 am.... it would have been pretty ugly by 5.p.m. I would have thought.

Endless pictures of food on blogs is lame, I think, but here is my little dessert selection from lunch : trifle in a shot glass, macaron pop, chocolate horse head pop and a little cake that looked like Play Doh but tasted great.


  1. that blue number is very unattractive.......

  2. yes she was very Brynne E / Brownlow girlfriendish - all the train ladies were channeling Audrey Hepburn...

  3. --and Nicole K. channeled AH more than most!

    1. I was not a fan of her dress - why WAS she My Fair Lady????


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