Monday, November 12, 2012

new blogs needed

I need some new blogs to read. Lots of my favourites/regulars have either given up, post irregularly or play mostly on Facey or The Twits which I'm not interested in. I'm now ONLY reading the stuff in my sidebar, and have deleted all my reading list on blogger ( most of them were the very irregular bloggers).

Tell me some new ones. I have guidelines:

- no sponsored posts
- ads down the side are OK ( I can ignore them)
- multiple subjects to keep me interested. I generally don't go for blogs that have only one focus - books, crafts, food, tiny children. Many varied subjects please
- original writing/content
- no car crash/poor me blogs

- no smug  or humble-braggy blogs
- I like mistakes. I like honesty. I like bloggers who don't have all the answers
- I don't like blogs where every photo looks like it's styled for a magazine shoot.

Tell me some to read? Any fabulous ones I'm missing?

edited to add: from any country, too, I would like to broaden my blog horizons.....

today's rose picture: mary rose,lorraine lee,graham thomas, mr lincolne


  1. looking for new peeps to look at? here are a few of my favourite finds and bloggy friends

    and in case you were wondering - here's where I'm coming from:

    knock yourself out!

    (ps its interesting that you note the decline in energy on bloggy favs - its something I've also discovered... bummer)

  2. How lovely of you not to have subjected me to your cull. Thank you.
    I will think about your list of requirements and get back to you.
    I am jealous of your Mr Lincoln. Ours has, I think, turned up its toes for no particular reason. It is only feet away from several others that are thriving, but almost all of its new growth is now deceased.

  3. Nice to see I survived the cull.
    A few of the many I enjoy reading-

  4. Ronnie - looking forward to reading more of your blog - you're in my sidebar now!
    Thanks and you Zara also - will have a look at all your suggestions. Good to see new names I've not come across before.

  5. Definitely 'Whoopee':

    There's lots of gold to find when you dig around a bit.

  6. I definitely second Whoppee. Also great honest writing and she's from Canada.

    1. yes Whoopee I am definitely adding. I remember Suse talking about that blog at Sewjourn and loving it. I've already added some new blood to my reading and will keep going through the suggestions and adding. So good to here about some different ones - get very tired of hearing the same names over and over.

  7. Hello there!

    I have been following Rae's adventures for many years, she's a treasure:

    For a window into life in the Czech Republic, Julia's posts make my heart sing:

    For some East Side Manhattan sassiness check out Margie. She's a working journalist so she often links to articles she's written elsewhere.

    Inspired by a grandson's love and admiration for his grandmother, always inspirational:

    I too have noticed a change in the blogosphere (and I haven't posted anything myself for almost a year). In the sea of same-same blogs those I've listed above still make me happy.

    Eleanor x

  8. Look at me! (Shameless self-publicization) I'm a NZ librarian from Christchurch, 98% of the writing and photos are original, but sometimes I put up stuff from youTube that amuses or moves me. I write about all sorts of things, from gardening to earthquakes (Yes, they move me too). I'm having a little holiday at the moment, but am so addicted to the scrawl of my own writing that no doubt I'll Be Back. Warning:I do swear a bit too.

  9. Do you read The Coffee Lady? She's funny and a very good writer (she and her partner work in bookish literary things). She does do the occasional sponsored post but don't let that put you off, really. And through her you can find links to all the other English bloggers I love - Domesticali, The Quince Tree, The List Writer, Silver Pebble, Knitsofacto, Driftwood, Dragonflies & Chickens. They're a great bunch. You'll like them.

    I need to learn how to put that interactive blogroll on my sidebar. I've tried twice over the past year but it never works.

  10. Third time's the charm! It worked!


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