Friday, November 9, 2012

friday book reviews:eclectic

As I've written here before - I have really eclectic taste in books. I will give just about anything a try if it looks interesting ( except Fifty shades). This week I've read three very different things.

1. After the darkness by Honey Brown. Unputdownable psychological thriller I read in a day.
Married couple in their 40s take a detour on the way home from a weekend away on the Great Ocean
Road when they spot an interesting art gallery in a wild remote cliff top location - call in to have look: nightmarish situation ensues. Loved the local setting, loved the relationship between the couple. Very creepy story. Yes, some of it is implausible but it is a rattling good read. Ms Brown has written two other novels I now have here on my shelf. Fantastic summer holiday reads: I'm stockpiling already.

2.Political animal: the making of Tony Abbott by David Marr. The last Quarterly essay I read was about Kevin Rudd, also by Marr. I loved them both - Marr's research is just terrific. When this essay came out the only thing the press seized on and went on and on about was the incident 35 years ago when Abbott allegedly punched a wall near the head of a (female) student politician who had beaten him in a university election ( he denies it). There is so much more to the essay than this one incident.

 It covers Abbott's life, both personal and political, and lots about the parlous state of Australian politics today. One interesting fact: from early on in his life, his mother told people that her son would either be Pope or Prime Minister ( am intrigued by parents who make these statements about their children..)
The portrait of Abbott is absolutely fascinating - I'm no fan: I learned much. I understand a bit more about why he is the way he is.
It does make me fearful for the next election.
I would LOVE Marr to do essays also on Julia Gillard and Malcolm Turnbull to round out the picture.

3. Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery. It's a long time since I read this most adored book from my childhood. 
I'm reading quite slowly and noting all the trees and plants Montgomery describes and I FINALLY looked up to see what a cotton warp quilt was ( Mrs. Lynde had knitted 16 of them). Here is a picture and a couple of blogs links about these knitted quilts: here and here.

I'd forgotten how much I loved the character of Marilla - I can't remember how old she is, this repressed middle aged spinster, no doubt she's the ancient age of forty-nine. or something....


  1. Tick for the first one LG. Though I kept wondering all the way through whether that is really her name. It's a great read isn't it.. creepy as...

  2. Anne was one of my favourites as a child, too. Sometimes the flowery prose and romantic 'imaginings' made me feel like I'd eaten too much sugar. But with such funny and sharp observations of human nature thrown in, L.M. kept me reading through the whole series. Thanks for the quilt picture, I had no idea they were so gorgeous.

  3. I never knew what a cotton warp quilt was either. A really elegant creation. Thank you.

  4. I've nearly finished Denise Scott's "The tour" book and am really enjoying it. Also another Australian author Charlotte Wood- her books have been great too. Just the mere mention of "fifty shades" annoys the hell out of me!! Cheers,Debbie

    1. Must put a resie on Scotty's new book and will check out Charlotte Wood too.


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