Monday, June 4, 2012

in haste

I came home from my paid job and was instantly thrown into the deep end of the unpaid one at home with people who are either not well or stressed and upset about school and other things. Between making doctor's appointments and flinging a roast in the oven and sorting the dry washing I just wanted to briefly mention this gorgeous book  that arrived on my desk today. I'm going to have to buy it: not only does it have good garden pictures and descriptions of Heide but sections about Open Country and the Boyds, Monsalvat and the Eltham artist's colony, Stonygrad ( Vasilieff's house) and someone I've long wanted to read about: Neil Douglas -  true eccentric, brilliant gardener,artist and eco-warrior who had a beautiful huge garden and wattle-and-daub cottage in Bayswater ( now gone, sadly).
It's by the same authors who wrote Sunday's  Kitchen, this is a lush companion volume. Beautiful.


  1. Are you in VCE meltdown hell too? So much work and flu does not help.

    1. this VCE year is killing us ALL...

  2. I didn't graduate high school but I sure as hell feel like I deserve a certificate after this!

  3. Neil Douglas is so interesting.
    Friends of mine live in the house Neil and Abby built in Kangaroo Ground. It's very rustic and absolutely charming. I also have a copy of the two books they- Neil and Abby- produced in the seventies, 'A Far Cry' and 'A Book of Earthly Delights'. Wonderful hippy stuff, I love it.
    I actually went to see one of Abby's exhibitions at the house when I was a teenager. She was there, but I was too shy to talk to her, even though she was lovely and offered me tea.


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