Monday, May 7, 2012

why am I so exhausted?

Too exhausted to write my daily post, really. I like writing here every day because essentially, this is my diary, it is my record of everything little and domestic. But I am so weary today. The teens are going through a spatting, argumentative stage ( mainly with each other) which isn't helping.

Briefly - this is where we went yesterday, Bundoora Homestead ,which has a really fine exhibition of covetable art pottery from the old Hoffman's Brickworks in Brunswick ( I own two of the lesser, plainer pieces, they are lovely).

The incredible mansion (14 rooms) is very beautiful and it is possible to indulge in Jane Austen type daydreams while wandering around.

Could not resist taking photos of the chimneys or the lovely resident kitty, who was very friendly.


  1. Isn't it amazing how often chimneys remain in country fields when the house is gone. I am not surprised you couldn't resist these (or the cat). Agression is tiring. Hope it settles soon.

  2. You're exhausted because of the change of season, and maybe that big ol'moon thats in the sky at the moment.

  3. AnonymousMay 08, 2012

    Absolutely love chimney pots! The cat not so much. (God bless Shady for understanding.) We need to tee up for the D family to come over for a lunch or dinner soon. We can separate the teens, with one at each end of the table. And we'll open out the table so it's even FURTHER. Sorry to hear you're pooped, G. I think it's the Super Moon or whatever it's called. It's playing havoc with me too. N.

  4. There is an outbreak of exhaustion all over the place at present. At least we can all be tired and grumpy together. I went to a mosaic exhibition at Bundoora Homestead some years ago. Interesting old building. It would make a great setting for a film or tv production.


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