Sunday, May 20, 2012


 The nicest Sundays of all are the ones are when all four of us are here doing our own thing and everyone is in a really good mood. One of us who had a late night fishing out on the bay is sleeping in a chair;one is tidying their room - without encouragement/nagging;the one going to camp tomorrow is playing a console game because he will have a week without these devices. I'm blogging then going upstairs to read for a bit. LOOK, just LOOK what lovely Pene sent me this week in a care package with some chocolate:

.... the latest Sookie Stackhouse, which is my reading fluff for the week.

Went out for a lovely lunch yesterday: my contribution was the plate of slices you can see above -
 peanut butter  squares and old fashioned lemon slice. They are really easy to make. If you do make them, cut the pieces very small because they are VERY sweet.

I've just spent forty-five minute or so weeding the rose garden and the woodland garden ( every bed in this garden has a different name and.... personality?) There is much more to do but I find it less intimidating to choose one bed ( or two in this case) and do them really well rather than weakly wander around, pull out a handful and get overwhelmed by the size of the job. I am itching to prune the roses but I can picture my gardener brother raising his eyebrows and sternly telling me to wait until July.


  1. And here? Wait until August before pruning the roses. I also tend to weed one bed at a time, and try and make it a thorough weed. They always grow faster than the other plants though.

  2. I want to prune the roses here too, just feels like it would tidy things up nicely. I always heard "prune-in-June" but there are so many rose bushes still in flower (at other people's places) and it is late May ! and still having such gorgeous weather. Prune-in-June might have been back in the day when we had May school holidays ? which my mother claims always coincided with rain.

  3. Oh I am the same! Itching to prune, but making myself wait until July.

    Is slice really easy to make? I might try some then. I tend to avoid anything that requires icing.

  4. AnonymousMay 21, 2012

    Wait sis wait cheers G xx

    1. I will! you've GUILTED me into waiting....


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