Monday, May 21, 2012

in booky heaven

To hell with what I should be doing (folding dry washing, paying bills, putting stuff away....)

I'm reading Sookie 12 ( is it 12 ? ), have a giant pile of beautiful pictorial books to flick through, and finally, my copy of the Wolf Hall sequel has arrived. Believe it or not I started another book which I am loving, but it will be put on hold while I read Harris and then Mantel. For those who are interested it's called The various haunts of men - first in a crime series by Susan Hill of The woman in black fame. I think she is up to number six so am happy to have discovered a new series which is a bit Elizabeth George-ish. Looking forward to a booky week. I'm having another cup of tea and getting back to Sookie now...


  1. Ahhh ... the long awaited Hilary Mantel. Have fun! cheers Wendy

  2. I'm LOVING the Mantel. As I knew I would.

  3. Books and a cup of tea sound like heaven indeed (if you add the garden). Enjoy.


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