Sunday, May 27, 2012


Yesterday at work was an absolute killer. No-one had braved the torrential rain on Friday so we were inundated with people on Saturday instead . The book returns were like scenes from the sorcerers' apprentice sequence in the Fantasia film...

Added to this was a tagging process every item in all our libraries is subject to at the moment ( too boring to explain to non library people but if you are in libraryworld you may know the jargon: RFID, racetracks, donuts... don't ask).

I work with a fabulous team on Saturdays which makes it easier, but poor S got a phone call at about four p.m because her little boy was being taken to hospital so of course  she went off immediately, just before more heavy rain started. Being one down meant we all had to slow down but I still ended the day exhausted: we all were. Delicious Indian takeway in front of the fire was just what the doctor ordered.

Then daughter and I watched the second night of the Eurovision Song contest. I just love all the shiny outfits and cheesy pop music and dance routines. Very good for geography, too, as you  (if you're me) then have to look up where places like Montenegro and San Marino are located on the map of the world.

 The winner has been announced ( good choice too) and I won't get to see the final tonight because we're out for dinner but I've enjoyed it a lot. Here's the Turkish entry which was great. Loved the Ukraine (love a good anthem at Eurovision), Norway, Sweden and others I've now forgotten. Tempted to get the CD to listen to in the car, it will be fun during the dark winter days.


  1. Watching Eurovision as I type. I love it so! Iceland was my fave this year.

  2. Eurovision is a televisual feast for sure. I can't get enough of that cheesy Euro-pop. Well, I can, actually, but I really relish it while it's on. I love the heavy use of the wind machine and the fog machine, the vertiginous camera sweeps, interpretive dancers, gymnasts, light shows, pyrotechnics, silly costumes. It's just so good.

  3. librarygrl nzMay 28, 2012

    ...And don't you love it when other people tell you they'd love to have your job, because all you do is sit around and read all day? If only.


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