Saturday, April 28, 2012

yes, my house is BLACK

Yesterday I finally got around to looking at a housey/gardeny magazine I'd bought about six weeks ago.

(This is why I no longer really buy magazines - I lose interest in them before I've got home from the shop).

 I was amused that nearly every house, shop, or shed featured  - or at the least one of their front doors, feature walls, etc in a variety of the places  - was painted BLACK.

 Husband painted our house charcoal five years ago - I was inspired by the late Derek Jarman's house at Dungeness in the UK.

So, we are trendsetters.

I can't remember the colour or brand right now.....Taubmans??

The only drawback is that it does show up the spiderwebs....


Work today, I live the closest and am ALWAYS the last to arrive so I'd better motor...


  1. Ha - I misread your title as My House Is Back and I wondered where it had been... (This misreading always scares me when it happens because I misread everything when I was pregnant and in fact knew I was pregnant the second time because I read the headline Queen Muffin Turns 100 which I found outrageous until I reread Queen MUM...) Anyway, I am not pregnant and apparently your house is not back, but it is BLACK and very elegant I must say. Really shows off your fantastic garden display.

  2. Haven't thought about the Jarman house for years - I was so obsessed i used to dream about it. (And Tilda Swinton). I'm in a red brick house now, surrounded by trees ,with a weatherboard cottage and a corrugated shed at the back door. Which is the front door, because we're on a farm. The trim on the house is eucalyptus green and the sheds are bottle green and they are at war with the foliage. I have been searching for a solution. Your black has got me thinking. Shades of old America.
    I really enjoy your blog. Thank you for this post.

    1. thanks Charlotte - we love the black - the garden colours look glorious against it.

  3. I used to visit family in Dungeness, what a blast from the past. A very unusual place, flat pebbly with a crazy wind and a power station that looks pretty amazing at night! It also had an awesome fish and chip shop!! I just googled his garden again, so many memories!! I'm also singing the song by Athlete - Let's go to Dungeness (on Youtube!!)
    For the first post I can relate to mis reading things!! Today I was looking for music to put on from a kids CD selection at a children's party and I misread the title - "Songs about having to clap" !!!

  4. re the misreading of things: I do it ALL THE TIME.
    often rude things...

  5. That colour does show off the garden beautifully. And I am also a misreader. Sometimes embarassingly so.

  6. I love the black too.
    As to misreading things, I misread the title of the children's CD "You've got to clap" as "You've got the clap"! Not really appropriate for a children's library.


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