Sunday, April 29, 2012

today is Sunday

Today I have:

*  planted 18 white primulas out the front  ( reckon I could fit in another 8 or so) and constructed - hopefully - chook-proof barriers around them.
* planted tarragon, which I've never grown before. Hoping it's tough.
*done various boring chores. Too boring to list.
*brought downstairs two books, one to finish and one to start. Husband is out at lunch with his Italian class, kids have settled down to homework, so I am loafing in front of the fire. I am so looking forward to reading the Sonya Hartnett. Great reviews.
* been studying the latest Digger's catalogue . Gah. Too hard to decide what to order.
*been admiring the posy of flowers brought here by our dinner guest earlier in the week.  Gathered from her garden, so pretty.

Tonight we are going out for a cheap and cheerful dinner with friends locally. We met, via a mutual friend, at a wake, when our first babies were ten days old ( ours) and twenty-seven days old (theirs) 18 years ago. Now both girls are 18 and there are six kids between us. In past years we've done the family-get-together thing but now all the kids are old enough to be home at their respective addresses with take-away pizza and crappy television and the four of us get to go out alone. 18 years into parenting, we're back ( in some ways) to where we began. How bizarre, how bizarre.

A couple of days ago I teased readers of this blog with some illustrations.
In order, they are from:

Further adventures of Milly-Molly-Mandy (1932) written and illustrated by Joyce Lankester Brisley
The cricket in Times Square ( 1960) by George Selden, illustrated by Garth Williams
Carbonel (1955) by Barbara Sleigh, illustrated by V. H. Drummond
Five on a hike together (1951) by Enid Blyton, illustrated by Eileen A Soper
Ballet shoes (1936) by Noel Streatfield, illustrated by Ruth Gervis
Holiday at the Dew Drop Inn (1962) written and illustrated by Eve Garnett

I hope everyone has a lovely peaceful Sunday.


  1. I loved "The Children of the King". It inspired me to reread my old kids books. Have also enjoyed Hartnett's "Butterfly" and "The Midnight Zoo" which I read in the last couple of years.
    Will check out availability of the book you asked about on my blog. We've definitely had it in recently. xo

  2. Your industry puts me to shame. I did plant 25 hyacinths and 50 freesias yesterday. I had every intention of planting more bulbs today - spirit willing, body weak. I love the posy your dinner guest brought to you.


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