Sunday, April 1, 2012

op-shop round up (march): a good haul

Shirt looks like it's from the 1940s - odd, cheap, austerity fabric and very old buttons. I love the print: inside out not faded. For the fabric box.
2 handbags, three dollars each. I have one good bag (Hedgren) - everything else is second hand.
Divine damask-y tablecloth - immaculate.
Pair of striped pillowcases
  I went back and the box of needlepoint and yarn was still there.$5. I forgot to buy it last time .
Another Elizabeth George I've missed along the way. Someone told me the Sholokhov is wonderful.
Could not resist these patterns - or 1970s magazines for future Hannah Hoch-ish collages.
1960s annuals! Glorious comic strips and illustrations.
These were all from my lovely church op-shop on two separate visits - the total for everything was $45.

I have had an excellent morning - made granola, watched Gardening Australia on catch-up TV ( I loved Costa the new host), planted some things. Husband went on a charity fun-run at the crack of dawn so he can polish his halo now.


  1. You got some real treasures there! I look forward to seeing some collages, intrigued. Sorry to hear things are troubling at work. Not long til a little Easter break.

  2. Hope Costa tones it down. Feel like he is yelling rather than showing his enthusiasm
    Have a feeling that the local council ( and certainly the neigbours) wouldn't be impressed if anything happen to the grass on the verge.

    1. I think that's just him: he was the same on his SBS show.
      I did think that about the council too - I know for a fact they are really weird about people planting on them or leaving no room for bins and postman etc. Also councils in Vic. say they OWN them not the rate payer.

  3. Last time I bought some piratey scotch tumblers the woman at the Salvation Army shop wrapped them up in old sewing pattern tissue. I'm going to start picking them up for gift wrapping. You've now got a head start on Christmas wrapping!


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