Monday, April 30, 2012

op-shop in April

I bought something this month that I'm not entirely convinced by.... the little yellow shawl you can see a bit of in this blog post.I'm just a bit concerned that instead of looking like this  I will look more like this:

or this.......
or this! It's the grey hair/crochet combination. Knitted shawls look OK somehow....
Anyway. The only other things I bought this month were some old Ladybird books because they had nice illos ( 50 cents each)and four girls "annuals" from the seventies for the same reason ( two dollars each). You can see bits of them in the yellow shawl post.
Plus this Tom Perrotta book from the World of books shop . I really liked The leftovers, his latest novel which I read at the start of the year.
That's all - $16 spent this month.
Slim pickings.


  1. Because of the particular yellow I think the latter. I quite like that yellow too, I've been looking at tights in that colour at the Sussan shop. Clare said No, but I might buy them any way. And wear them as well.
    Nostalgia hit with the Hilda Boswell illustrations. "Treasury of Poetry"?

  2. Your savings/non spendings are truly impressive. Italy here we come...

    1. EC - it's looking more than likely. My new obsession is gazing at pictures of Lake Como....


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