Wednesday, April 25, 2012

not forgetting them (ANZAC day)

1. My dad, who fought in Korea. He was 19. My nephew and my daughter's boyfriend, are nineteen years old. I try to imagine them going off to fight in a war and feel sick to the stomach, and tearful. This photo is of Dad returning from the Korean War. His mother is greeting him.
2. Mum's father Joe. He died when she was four, in 1930, from illnesses sustained when he was in the First World War, in France. Her mother was left with five children under six years of age.
3. Dad's father, Jim. He lost an arm in France, went on to live a full life, dying in 1960.

I'm remembering all of them today, and thinking about all the men and women serving in the armed forces.
Thinking of them all.


  1. And regretting so much and so many.

  2. My dad was spent his 21st birthday throwing up in a landing-craft, waiting to disembark in Dieppe with the first British invasion force in France. My grandad was eighteen and temporarily blinded by mustard gas in the First World War.It's unthinkable now that such young men were so callously sent off to be killed and maimed.


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