Monday, April 23, 2012

more house musings

Me at the Brunswick house, our first, purchased in 1988. Here I am with the brand new wheelbarrow. This was my learner garden: I had not a clue what I was doing - had fun doing it though.

So 7 years today since we took possession of this current house and it strikes me as I look around at the current chaos -  cupboards bursting with too many things -  that one of the really, really good things about moving house is that you have to handle every single possession that you own when you move, and throw out a lot if you are selling in order to make the house look tidy and even more as you pack boxes because you don't want to unpack rubbish in your new dwelling.

I remember how much stuff Mum and Dad accumulated after 48 years in one house. Especially Dad. Oh. My. Goodness.

 The lovely old couple who've just sold their house in our little street have lived there for 38 years. Since being a grown-up away from home the longest I've lived somewhere is 11 years ( last house): the shortest - one year in a horrible duplex in Elwood : mouldy, tiny, one normal bedroom and the other one we dubbed the Cruel Room because it was so tiny it would fit a single mattress in it and that's ALL.

( Reason we moved there:  to save money to buy our falling-down first house in Brunswick).

I’m wondering if seven house moves in 49 years of living is fairly typical? (Unless you’re in the military, then I’m sure it would be more).
I worked with a man who was 38 and had moved 44 times, which I thought was legendary.


  1. I just worked out that the house I live in now is my 16th and I've lived here for 7 years - which I think is the longest I've lived anywhere in my life!

  2. I am really fascinated by this sort of stuff about people because everyone is different. I knew a lady in her 70s who still lived in her parents house - she didn't marry so just kept on there after they died. So she never moved house, suburb, anything. It was a lovely house too, big old one in Kensington.

  3. I have lived in this house for longer than I have lived anywhere else. And the groaning overstuffed cupboards are a testament to that.

  4. 80's fashion! Splendid!
    As for house moves: 12 since I left home at 17. Six different towns/cities, 3 states. This was all early on because we've been in the current house for 16 years. I get itchy feet sometimes but I think we're here for the long haul.

  5. Interesting exercise. I think for me it is three family homes, three house minds, one girls friendly society, three North Fitzroy rentals, one cubby house and a partridge in a pear tree, plus a few more, for a total of 15.

    1. Wow - so 7 house moves is really pretty conservative! hope others chime in to this conversation, I am fascinated. Also J you've lived in two other countries and another state - I've only lived in Victoria!

  6. Oh I forgot i lived in switzerland for 6 months! so 2 countries, 4 states - 17 houses! eek.

  7. I am almost ashamed to say I have moved at least 32 times - I'm 60, single and now living in a very full 2 bedroom unit. Longest I stayed in a place was 12 years. I like new places and never seem to have any trouble making new friends. This will probably be my last house - who knows!! Loretta

  8. I am a stick in the mud. Only 5 houses for my adult life; and the current house has been home for 12 years now. I think a big garden keeps me here; there's always new plans and projects. In a smaller space, I would definitely be restless by now.

  9. Only one family home (Mum & Dad are still there), and 4 since I moved out (all rented). Very shortly that should be five. I reckon there will be 2 more before we are able to afford to buy.

    I kinda like moving, in that you get to purge lots of junk. Moving house has made me ditch things like videos and cassette tapes, and most recently, CDs, and seriously consider how many books I need in my life permanently (not many, as it turns out).

    My parents have lived in the family home since 1973. Both of them are hopeless hoarders, I dread the time when we have to clean it out.

  10. Hmmm, two houses in England, six months in a flat in Mentone, four different houses in Beaumaris, a year in the US as an exchange student (does that count?), then as an adult: a couple of short term flat shares of three months each (one in London, one in Melbourne), then with Mr Soup a rented flat in Armadale, a rented house in North Caulfield, a rented house in East Malvern, our first purchased flat in East St Kilda hooray, then we bought our house in Flemington, now our current house in Warrandyte! Phew.


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