Sunday, April 15, 2012

mixed garden photos with captions

If you are a possum, you should be terrified of this owl and not come into the garden and poo on the paving.
More critters. These fellows have eaten an entire callistemon. I'm hoping the birds spot them. Birds gotta eat, same as worms.
Bean wall, still heavy with beans, pulled out yesterday.
Beans, and dying Jerusalem artichoke flowers.
Orange abutilon, also being eaten.
Back garden, centre level after lots of work today.
Herb bed: basil,parsley,calendula,lemon balm,sage,Vietnamese mint, mint, thornless blackberry canes,nasturtiums.
Paper white daffodils coming up in the woodland garden.
Camellias in bud already.
Bottom level of garden.Dry as a chip ( no rain).
Bottom level, different angle.
Old man willow
Six weeks out from winter, it is 26 degrees, we are in sandals and  cotton until the sun goes down...then it's a bit chilly.
Shady follows the sun around within the house, all day.


  1. Your garden looks great! I've done some "hacking back the jungle" over the weekend, not nearly enough though. I was also prototyping a new bag design and a new toy design, which took longer than expected, as usual. I should be aware of this by now.
    The weather has been wonderful these last few days.

  2. you garden looks realy pretty on different levels.

  3. I really don't like those caterpillars.I hope birds eat them soon. Our garden is horribly overgrown. Really need to get stuck into it while the weather is so good.

  4. Such a lovely garden. I always enjoy these tours. I didn't know that anything ate abutilon. I have a yellow and a white one and they are both thriving.
    Shady is much like our sun loving pair - who particularly like to soak up the sun behind glass.

  5. Your garden is always really inspiring. I feel like ours is just out of control, crazy in fact! Your's is something to aspire to.
    I always like pictures of your cat being contented.
    Don't read ebooks but I can see the many reasons they'd be a good thing for libraries to stock, wierd though. Well, it's interesting to imagine the future!


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