Thursday, March 8, 2012

rose boasting

Here is a show-off gallery of the roses I've grown over the last few months.
They performed well above my expectations: all except the two
Black boys ( bottom picture) which were total duds. One bloom between them  - and there is one bud on one of them at the moment. Fail.
The Mr Lincoln and Graham Thomas roses ( top two) haven't stopped flowering, with Mary Rose ( front rose, 8th photo), not far behind.
The others have been steadily flowering and I'm happy with them.
In order of photos, for other garden nerds, we have:

Mr Lincoln
Graham Thomas
Lorraine Lee
Blue Moon
Ice girl
Red Eden ( climber, from a cutting)
Lillian Austin
Mary Rose ( front centre)
white banksia ( climber, don't know the name)
Black boy

The Black Boys are coming out . I want a Just Joey (apricot) and have to choose another one. I have more than enough red and pink - I'm pondering something variegated or orange.... completely different looking...


  1. Beautiful roses. I like the fourth one the best.

    1. George, that Blue moon rose is very ethereal and lovely, I must say.

  2. Just stumbled across your blog from Stomper Girl.

    Love love love the roses! We have the Just Joey, and it is gorgeous, although very prone to black spot, so be careful. Nursery told us oranges and yellows are like that.

    If you are looking for something away from the reds and pinks, may I suggest an Ebb Tide? Deep luscious purple colour and fragrant. Very pretty, a smaller rose but takes your breath away.

    We have a row of

    Pope John Paul II (very fragrant white)
    Just Joey (apricot/orange)
    Papa Meilland (deep red)
    Heaven Scent (pink)
    Double Delight (pink/white)
    Fresia (yellow)
    Ebb Tide (purple)
    Charles De Gaulle (lilac)

    Who can stop at one? They are suffering in Sydney though, been a very wet summer. :(

    1. oooooh thank you AE I'm going to have fun checking these out! Ebb tide -loving the sound of that.

  3. Oh how lovely! The Lillian austin is my Fave! Which one has the sweetest smell?

    1. Mr Lincoln - the top one. It is absolutely INTOXICATING.
      If I were rich I would have an entire rose walk planted with a couple of dozen of them - the scent would knock you down.

  4. We have a red rose which was here when we arrived. It is a standard which is collapsing on itself but it flowers and flowers and the scent is intoxicating.
    Our Double Delight is just that, and I love the Papa Meillands as well. I also really like all the David Austen roses but two of them have just turned their faces to the wall and karked it. Humid weather? Perhaps.

  5. Ooh roses and just in time for the 2012 Treloar catalogue.

    Hopefully, we shall get our hands on a Mr Lincoln this year.

    What do you feed your roses?

    1. Anon: it's their first year and all we did was build up the soil with compost ( we run 3 bins and compost everything) and mulch with pea straw, which breaks down a bit over time and keeps feeding them. I'm planning to repeat this process this year. They are all really healthy. I've not fed them anything else but would be interested if you or anyone else can recommend anything. Oh do get a Mr Lincoln - or 3 - you won't regret it.


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