Tuesday, March 6, 2012

op-shop february, and general shopping talk

I have been very good and restrained and spent only twelve dollars on second hand stuff in February. I have to say this with a straight face despite the fact I have spent a whole lot more than twelve dollars during the last couple of weeks on other new and shiny stuff for the birthday girl. But I loved doing it and she loved every bit of her birthday celebrations.

The stuff not in the photo is the old Women's Weekly from the Mill Markets, a plastic ice-cube tray which is too boring to take a photo of, and the 50c Little women book I put up here last week. That thing underneath the books is a really nice two dollar scarf.

Interestingly - to me, anyway, being that I've been, you know, a major bookworm from infancy - I've never read  Red shift, or those Moomin tales or those L.M. Montgomery stories. Pen has loaned me Garner's Elidor also, so I will be having a real Alan Garner retrospective. Better not leave out The owl service which is perhaps the best of them all?

I've found a heap of really old falling apart Golden Books lately, which have been 20 cents each. The illustrations are just mesmerising and I'm either going to photocopy or cut up some for some projects.

Now I am going to go and spend more money - I've just received a call from a shop to tell me series three of Parks and recreation is in for me. Squee! This tv program is my new obsession - I think I relate to the local government setting a bit too much. As long as I operate on a  strictly cash only basis I'm allowing myself to buy a few things rather than save every single cent to spend in Italy next year.

An aside - it is nearly an entire year since I've shopped at either Coles, Safeway or Woolworths!
Nothing really to say about this except - I'm glad I've done it. And will continue on not shopping at any of them.


  1. I adore the Moomin books, and reread them most years. I have and love several of her books for adults too. I will be interested to know what you make of them.

  2. EC - I've read all the other Moomins - and love them - just have never come across this particular one. Comet in Moominland our favourite here.

  3. ove that TV show! Well done on not shopping at the big three, I did it for a month and noticed the difference.


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