Monday, March 5, 2012


The fridge is full of leftover food from yesterday ( I am a notorious over-caterer) so dinner tonight will be a feast of bits and pieces. (How am I  going to jazz up a 600g piece of bbq-ed  butterflied leg of lamb for re-serving?)

I am really exhausted  from the busyness of the last week. I've swapped my work days and am working Thursday instead of today. I'm not dressed yet and am tempted to watch day-time telly or a DVD.  (I NEVER DO THIS IN DAYLIGHT HOURS). Or otherwise I may trail around the garden in my dressing-gown, getting my slippers wet and have a little think about the Autumn planting for the front garden - east facing perennials?
My gorgeous brother-the-gardener gave me excellent rose advice about the two duds that have produced one bloom between them in six months: get rid of them. So now I can pick two more varieties to replace them.
Just Joey, I think, and.....?

It's really grey outside: overcast and dull. Good day for lying about reading, really, instead of catching up with the stuff I should have been doing lately, the washing and folding and the paying of bills.In fact, I think I'll make a pot of tea and take it up to bed with me for a bit. I'm really enjoying the latest Elizabeth George novel so will read a bit more of that...


  1. Looks like a good time was had :) You definitely deserve a rest!

  2. shepherd's pie with the lamb?
    or there is the re-heating by cutting chunks and panfrying in olive oil until crispy and serving in flat bread with salad, sumac and harissa.....
    you must all be exhausted from the festivities!

  3. Sounds like you have earned a rest.

  4. You have certainly earned that day of respite. Enjoy it.


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