Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I love wednesday nights

It's been a very short working week: lost Monday to the Labour Day public holiday so I've only worked a day and a half. Still had to get through the same amount of work though...

Right now: cat is sulking under a chair about the quality of food at this establishment. Daughter is cooking spag bol, son is grating slices of  Edam cheese to put on it because we've run out of parmesan and rat-trap.

I'm bemoaning the fact that we've watched all the Parks and recreation episodes now after having marathons of it over the long weekend. Too long to wait for season 4!


  1. I've been recovering from hand surgery & made myself a regular at the video store hiring out series - The Hills, The City, Modern Family, all on Wednesdays at the $1.50 rate, brilliant. I just spied Mad Men season 4 & i have 1-3 here already, so might start from the beginning & then hire it, yay. LOVE television series, enjoy anything with Amy Pohler, she's so bonkers, love Posie

  2. Thanks to you I have a copy of Parks waiting for me, but only AFTER I finish watching Community. maybe you should give that a go next? :)

  3. Kelly, my son is a massive fan of "Community" and I think I've seen all season 1 and bits of season two. I really like that too - similar comedy to P&R.

  4. Obviously, when your son has nothing better to do he should be compiling a list of dvd's for the next time I have some spending money!
    Well done for raising a boy with a good sense of humour!! :)


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