Thursday, March 1, 2012

the happy birthday rollercoaster

Just so many emotions today, and it's only 9.00 a.m... and that's only me!
Eighteen! How did that happen?
Too many words in my head, too many thoughts.
On a practical note - I have cakes to make..... x


  1. Congratulations mamma bear. I'm about to reach the same milestone and am overwhelmed, words cannot say! I'm sorry to hear your health is troubling you, I hope that spotty scarf helps x

  2. Happy 18th birthday dear S....xx

  3. send my birthday wishes to miss s!
    hope the cakes are all delicious and love-filled!

  4. Happy Happy day to you and yours LG. Milestones are difficult sometimes .... but fun too! enjoy. cheers Wendy

  5. Beautiful photos. If they could make me a tad misty (which they did) how much more impact they must have for you. Happy milestone (to all of you).

  6. Hope S is enjoying her special day! Much love to her and see you all on Sunday. XX

  7. Oh happy 18th. It's more of a milestone now than the 21st (P plates, voting and...the dreaded buying of alcohol).
    The grandparent photos got me. It must be truly special to hold a newborn grandchild.
    The top photo is my favourite. Mother and baby. Duh, well, of course. I hope you know what I mean!

  8. Aww.... they are wonderful photos, I love the first one! You now have an adult!


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