Thursday, March 29, 2012

boring myself witless ... spending an entire day on cleaning/tidying/washing/putting the house in order. Because I know I won't be bothered doing much while the kids are on  Easter school holidays - last day of term is tomorrow.

 Work today, play for the next couple of weeks is my motto ( even though I am only taking the four Easter days off).

Look at my bubbas: their Prep. photos ( first year of school) and this year's version. Daughter: 6 - 18 years.
Son: 5 - 14 years.

I looooove school photos. The class shots are great too: there is a boy in S's year who was in her kinder class and this year he has a full on Amish beard!

Back to work I go.


  1. Totally unrelated ... but I am looking forward to forthcoming Friday book reviews. I think I have a crush on Alain de Botton. I did try reading "The Pleasures of Sorrow and Work" some years ago but did not complete. We read Martin Boyd in school, "The Cardboard Crown". Cannot remember it.

    An orderely house for the holidays is a pleasure ahead following the tedium of doing it and ... what a splendid day ! Feel-good-to-be-alive day ...

  2. Such splendid fringe and bob hair on the preppie. I only buy the class photos each year. I'm a horrible photo snob: "I can take better photos than those school ones". Yeah, photo snob.


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