Monday, February 20, 2012

the yellow press

This is a rant, sorry in advance.

 I jump around from topic to topic on this blog, but despite being interested in politics, I don't write much at all about politics or flog my views here in this space. I have my opinion, everyone has an opinion, but I don't want to shove mine down anyone's throat.  I am driven to write about politics here today because I am desperately, desperately sick of this made-up hysterically reported "leadership battle" that bored Canberra hacks seem to be beating up as a real story. I just wish they would SHUT UP and ask the pollies about health, the environment, asylum seekers or the economy instead of trying to create a reality TV melodrama.  Is the media so dumbed down that this is all that "journalists" - and I use the term  loosely  -  ( my dad used to called them "the yellow press") want to write about? Believe me, no-one wants to read this garbage, which is reported day in, day out.

I don't mind Julia Gillard. I don't mind Kevin Rudd. I can't bear the press behaving like hysterical Puritans at the Salem Witchcraft trials. What is the matter with these people?

Since these hacks seem to have nothing else to do but create trouble, I suggest they turn off all their electronic devices which have patently fried their brains and do something useful: read David Marr's Quarterly Essay of June 2010, about Kevin Rudd's prime ministerial style. They may learn something.

Rant over.


  1. A spot on rant. And here in Canberra I am so so tired of 'Canberra says'. No it swearwords doesn't. Someone in Canberra said.

  2. Blindsided by the rapidity of events on 23 June 2010, the media is paranoid that they will miss the next leadership spill.

    (Toxic) personalities aside, we have to ask also to what extent this frenzy is being fueled by the 24/7 media cycle where there seems to be no room for policy debate.

    1. Absolutely - George Megalogenis' Quarterly essay Trivial pursuit and Lindsay Tanner's book Sideshow both blame the 24/7 media cycle for much of the idiocy that goes on. All the media wants is sound bites, not policies, because they're, you know, "boring". I despair.


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