Tuesday, February 21, 2012

things to do:

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At the moment I have too many things racketing round trying to find space to lodge in my brain.
If I list them here maybe I won't lie awake at 2.00 a.m. listing them in my head.
These things include:

 - plans for daughter's 18th birthday next week, which will be a four day festival of events. Presents to buy, cakes to make, food to organise, a house to clean
- the angst-ridden 14 year old, and what's causing the angst, is it just that he's .....14?
- the busted air conditioner and that part to fix it which is coming from Sydney. No doubt after the approaching weekend heatwave
- I'm  working all day on the third day of the birthday festival
- I  have to see the kidney specialist this week. I love him, I hate and dread the appointment  ( what if it's bad news???)
- husband is away 3 or 4 days from the end of this week and into next. It's ok but it unsettles me a little. Stupidly.

There is other stuff which I'm either blocking or forgetting, I know.
The good news is after months of nothing to watch on the idiot box, I am looking forward to the new Frank Woodley show tomorrow, new Luke Nguyen cooking on Thursday and the Phyrne Fisher adaptation on Friday. I love our ABC and our SBS.

So I can goggle at the tv instead of doing stuff!


  1. Way tooooo busy. Good luck at the specialist.

  2. Some boys (actually most boys, by all reports) just don't tell you stuff that's going on with them. And then the only thing you can do is be there with your love and support. Good luck with birthday/specialist/work/etc overload. I'm really looking forward to Woodley too. He's a favourite in our house.

  3. Well life is never dull at your home.
    Hope you only have good news this week.

  4. Looking forward to those shows too, the chick playing Phryne looks really good!


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