Monday, February 27, 2012

short and spotty posts this week

Daughter's birthday week ( 18! I can't believe it!) : there are two dinners, a lunch, a breakfast and a heap of fairy cakes to make for a couple of groups. I'm also mixing up my work days and going to the theatre on Wednesday night to see Miriam Margoyles in Dickens' women. VERY EXCITED. Did I mention I'm working on Saturday as well? So will probably not be here blogging much this week. I'll try to put up some pretty pictures, nice wallpaper to look at...

This book just arrived from the UK for me - it's been described as a cross between Brideshead revisited and The secret history, so how could I resist?


  1. Busy, busy, busy. Have a great week just the same. You know we want a review of both Dicken's women and of the Bellwether Revivals? (All I have heard of Miriam Margoyle's performance has been excellent.)


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