Saturday, February 25, 2012

like being in the Tardis, hurtling towards the sun

It's really hot today. I took these photos this morning ( not the last one, that was the three p.m. temperature).
Every chink in the blinds was letting in blazing heat and glare, hence the Doctor Who comparison. It is actually very cool and pleasant in the kitchen and living area because the air con is working perfectly, praise be. The house has been closed up all day, blinds nearly all down, lamp on. The rest of the house is warm but son and I aren't out there so it doesn't matter. Just the two of us here til late tonight, me and the youngest.

 I took daughter shopping for one of her birthday presents this morning and we ending up having a walk down Gertrude Street and stopped in for a drink so I don't have that horrible cabin fever I often get on hot days because it's to hot to go anywhere/do anything. I have to go out into the furnace soon to hang out more washing but it will be dry in an hour - this is the only positive thing about this temperature, I believe.

I'm making a tuna and canellini bean salad for dinner, there are about six varieties of fruit, and frozen icy things in the freezer. I believe we are having dinner on the couch watching episodes of Parks and recreation, according to J, this sounds great to me. I have season 3 on order and we can't wait  for it.


  1. Braving the heat this morning was incredibly courageous of you. We are not as hot and I have still spent as much time as possible indoors. Have a wonderful evening.

  2. People never believe me when I say I hibernate in the summer.


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