Sunday, February 12, 2012

homey sunday


  1. Looks like a lovely Sunday at home.

  2. That looks like a truly wonderful day for everyone.

  3. Looks like a perfect day to me. Those biscuits look tasty!

  4. The Mr was boiling and baking bagels and they were demolished at the same rate of knots those cookies no doubt were, otherwise we've been Sundaying just the same as you and yours...

  5. Yes, those biscuits do look tasty, I thought the same thing. Anzacs ? Or something else ? I enjoyed some Marie biscuits with butter for afternoon tea with a very therapeutic cup of tea. Splendid. A bonus leftover from making a biscuit base for a sweet pie yesterday. Apart from a couple of domestics, eating those marie biscuits is all I have achieved this Sunday.

    1. J & M - Campion and Curtis recipe - macadamia Anzacs except I put in hazelnuts not macs. Usual Anzac recipe except drop the coconut and add 80g chopped nuts instead. Very nice and not too sweet.

  6. I love this sequence of photos. Especially - the Australian flora tea cosy, striped pillowcase and your son's bed with a built in shelf.


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