Sunday, February 19, 2012


Lordy, how I love growing food then cooking and eating it.

In the past week or two from our vegies, fruit and herbs there has been a potato curry and potato salad, tomato bruschetta and passata, pesto for pasta and pizzas, and just now, passionfruit yo-yos for afternoon tea.

Beans are just beginning, feijoas too. All this on a suburban block, 25 km from the city. It really is "the good life".


  1. And food definitely tastes soooo much better if it includes a home grown ingredient. Or two.

  2. Oh yummy yo-yos, so much butter, but oh so good.
    And homegrown spuds in potato salad it doesn't get much better than that.

    1. Zara - THREE HUNDRED GRAMS ( butter) - I was a bit horrified.... but the recipe made 50 singles so 25 yo-yos and truly, one at a time is all you can eat (rich).

  3. That is the good life for sure.

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