Friday, February 24, 2012

friday book review and a heatwave

I've been for a walk before the day heats up too much, watered some struggling plants in the front garden,hung out the first load of washing and just had a nice strong cup of tea. Next is the supermarket, to lay in supplies for the next few days of end of summer heatwave. I think it's going to be 35,37,32 or some such awfulness:  fortunately the air conditioning man came with the replacement part on Wednesday so it should work ok for later in the day when we need it. I've already closed the house up to conserve the coolness. I try not to have it on for too long, but do we ever need it in this hot little east-west direction house.

I've only finished one book this week ( oh the shame): The Weirdstone of Brisingamen by Alan Garner. I know I read this as a child but had NO recollection of it except for the evil svart creatures. It is a quest story and a bit Lord-of-the-Rings-ish. I liked it a lot. There is a chapter set underground with the characters crawling through tiny tunnels which just about had me breaking out in a sweat - it was very claustrophobic.

I've also been reading children's picture books. Pen loaned me two more in the scary dolly series - one we definitely had at home because I remember the photos if not the story. The other is the very peculiar The lonely doll by Dare Wright. I have vague, vague recollections of this being in the primary school library when I was there a thousand years ago. I also bought second hand a most beautiful 70s Little Women picture book, but I'll put some pictures in my month's op-shop round up next week.

Finally the latest Elizabeth George arrived on my desk on Wednesday so I'm going to start this later today or tomorrow. I have a few chapters of Aurora Teagarden ( Charlaine Harris) 3 to finish before I begin.

Oh - thanks for the scarf love yesterday- I bought it at David Jones. I've been hunting for a spotty scarf for ages and they had a few -  had to restrain myself and buy just one. It is very soft too, like baby kittens.

The health stuff - meh - very frustrating to get such disappointing results when I try so hard: so little salt in my diet, don't smoke, hardly any alcohol. Something I have no control over ( very HARD!) - but it is what it is and I've cursed and kicked a few table legs in my mind and I'm letting it go. The kids and I are going to have a GORGEOUS weekend - husband away - and I hope everyone else does too.


  1. is the lonely doll the one with the doll called edith and the bears? and the fierce patriarchal big bear? that book terrified me as a child :(

    am with you on the bunkering down and lying low over the weekend - roll on autumn and cardi weather, i say!@

    1. it IS that one. it is VERY weird.

  2. Sorry to hear about the bad report. I definitely think a touch of retail therapy was the right action to take in those circumstances! Our house faces west too, I am NOT LOOKING FORWARD to this heatwave AT ALL.

  3. Bring back Winter (or at least Autumn). This weather is truly vile. I think I am going to turn into a troll and refuse to come out until after dark.
    Congratulations on being able to put disappointing health news aware and have a truly magical weekend.

  4. Not good results: Damn (damn,damn). Better next time.

    As for the HOT weather, we are helping Linsey move tomorrow. It'll require several trips from Armadale to Clifton Hill. Hefting of boxes, dismantling and re-assembling of her bed. Nothing we want to do when it's really hot. Ah well, this finding of a place to live (third time in 2 years) has been Really stressful for her. Happy to help. May go to Coburg Drive-In Trash and Treasure Market on Sunday if it's not too hot and we're not too jaded. We drag Clare and Al along with us because they're too young (11 yo) to leave at home. They'd rather stay at home. I've enticed them to come with, "People might be getting rid of Manga and Anime at the Trash and Trasure". You never know.

    1. Oh far out - south of the river to north of the river house moving. On a hot day. We did an Elwood to Brunswick move once - up and down Punt Road SO MANY TIMES. Good luck and carry heaps of water and snacks!


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