Thursday, February 9, 2012

domestic over-achiever

I've been a bit of a desperate housewife today.

There is method in my madness - if I get through all the chores I can slack off for the next few days and lie about on the banana lounge.

So far I've:
- sown grass seed in the bare lawn patches
- cut off 78 Agapanthus heads and stems ( yes, I counted them) and stuffed them in the green bin
- raked all the front ( messy) grass and paths which are constantly covered in in dead leaves and twigs
- cleaned out my car console,embarrassingly stuffed with rubbish
- made an orange and poppy seed cake
- cleaned out the fridge
- de-frosted the little laundry freezer
- washed and hung out five loads of washing
- tidied ( some) of the house
- cleaned one toilet and one bathroom
- had a medical appointment- it took longer to find a car park near the hospital than actually be in the appointment
- bought fruit, a few things also at the IGA supermarket

Still need to change all the beds and bring in dry washing and then hang all the wet bedding out. Also nip out and get son a pizza later.

We are meeting friends locally for a cheap
' n' cheerful dinner (Persian food) and I can sit there at dinner and feel waves of smug satisfaction rolling over me while I eat.

* more excellent magazine pics from a 1970 House and Garden I found in the bookshelves yesterday while looking for something else.


  1. Wow. Can you be hired? That sounds like justification for a smugfest.

  2. You are to be commended for taking advantage of that hot wind! I was a slug and refused to turn the washing machine on on the grounds it was a holy day of rest. Have a lovely break from work. I hope your year 12r has a bit of a break too, mine is hitting the books way too hard.


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