Tuesday, January 31, 2012

not spending (5): spending, but writing it down

During the month of January I've been keeping note, in my diary, of every dollar and cent I've spent.
You can imagine how tedious this was, doing it for an entire month. Mind-numbing.

It was interesting though, to see where it all goes. The only surprises were what I spent at the pharmacy ( I have a lot of prescriptions), and on eating out ( this included a couple of dinners, lunches, ice-creams etc), but I guess we were on holidays for at least half of the month.

What I quite liked was seeing that I was spending it on things like a banjo lesson, or food for the family or petrol (not much, surprisingly) or going to the gallery or a movie or taking the kids out for lunch. I wasn't filling my house with more stuff/junk/things to look after/gather dust - only 1 book, small amount of op-shop stuff - most of which is being cut up for projects, a couple of craft related items. Some stationery for the return to school.

This won't be the case all year but I think I'll keep recording it for a bit - not the food/groceries though. That was fairly agonizing because of the amount that's spent weekly or monthly but at least it's going to the little local shops and NONE OF IT to the Big Beastly Two.


  1. Congratulations. On avoiding the big bad two and on a month of itemising each spend. And yes, don't the pharmacies extract a lot each month.

    1. well I'm impressed too - especially avoiding the Big two! cheers Wendy

  2. I did a budget spreadsheet from 1st January and looked at it yesterday, I'm not top surprised but lunch/snacks was a big area I can improve on. It's interesting and I've just started my Feb page.

  3. I was reading on a decluttering website about how experiences make people more happy than possessions, obvious I guess but very interesting. Stuff about how people don't generally regret spending lots of money on a holiday but don't don't get that same level of satisfaction from spending on object, over time.

    I think the proviate schools chose their own day to got back and the governement schools are all thise Friday, having kids in both systems it is confusing. I sympathise with the mother crying in the library. Even when it's not school holidays a visit to the library with kids without incident is remarkable.


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