Sunday, August 30, 2015

Here I am in bed again

I'm on day 5 of a really poxy head cold and the worst cough I've had in years. Coughing fits until I nearly vomit and sore ribs. We were in the city this morning earlyish for Reasons, ended up having breakfast at a place under the Westin and then driving up to the State Library ( too breathless to even walk that 3 or 4 blocks) because I wanted to look at an art show there featuring S T Gill, a Colonial artist. Had a look at Ned Kelly's armour and a few other things and then came home.

So I was back in bed just before 12 and actually nodded off for half an hour! Only woke up because one of the neighbours rang the doorbell and asked  B if they could take some wicker chairs off our hard rubbish pile ( yes of course).

It's been an odd week. I got sick after going out for a pleasant yum cha lunch on Tuesday, coming down with the streaming head cold. Then a huge injured water bird ( called a Darter) appeared in our garden, spooking all the little birds who shrieked their heads off every time it moved and traumatising Shady. The poor thing hid in his favourite secret spot in the yard and spooked him with its weird clicking sounds and deadly looking long sharp beak. I emailed Wildlife Victoria for advice  and within two hours a very efficient young lady with a sheet and a cat box was in my garden subduing the poor bird and bundling it off to a vet. What an amazing service!

In other news I am three quarters of the way through the first Game of Thrones book. It's making me anxious because I know only more death, mayhem and nastiness is ahead. I only like 3 characters out of what feels like five thousand so it's becoming a bit of a slog. It is compelling though and I just let my eyes slide over the violent bits. Still no interest in watching the television version. I do like discussing it with my son, who has read this one and watched all the rest of it.

I've also watched two movies this week, Austenland which is the cheesiest thing I've ever seen, with really terrible acting. The other was Mr Turner which is an amazing film. Felt like I was watching a documentary about the period rather than a movie. Timothy Spall as the painter gives a great performance, you must see this if you like his paintings. ( I do).

I must get up and not waste the day. Hospital appointment tomorrow. So it begins.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

she walks in beauty

Just a quick post to share some music.

Now I'm home more, I often have the radio on in the mornings, and one day I heard Jon Faine interviewing composer and pianist Sally Whitwell. He also played a piece of music from her newest CD ( above) and I was absolutely blown away by the piece played, called  She walks in beauty.

It gave me shivers and made me cry.

Here is Sally's story ( very romantic, I loved it) about how she came to compose the music and put it to Byron's poem. Here also is the Gondwana Cantique singing and Sally playing the piano.

So exciting to discover this composer and looking forward to hearing all her albums in full.